New Research Reveals Why You Can Never Overdose on Cannabis

Medical-Marijuana-Regina-Bed-buds-ReginaResearchers have found a hormone that’s being produced naturally by the brain whenever THC levels tend to rise over the limit. In other words, marijuana has a ‘self-limiting’ effect triggered by the brain whenever cannabis users smoke or ingests too much of the herb, thus making overdosing on cannabis virtually impossible.

No matter how much cannabis you smoke or ingest, chances of dying from an overdose are extremely unlikely. Intrigued by this ‘defense mechanism’, a team of French researchers decided to furtherly investigate the phenomenon, and they came across a natural hormone that’s reversing marijuana intoxication in rats.

Author of the study, Dr. Pier Vincenzo Piazza, gave more details about their little experiment. Whenever they exposed rats to a high dose of THC, they released a hormone called pregnenolone which acts as a shield for marijuana’s intoxicating effects.

When the brain is stimulated by high doses of THC, it produces pregnenolonea 3,000 percent increase – that inhibits the effects of THC.”

In other words, cannabis has its own ways of taking care of you. How is that for a plant that’s still seen as a risk drug worldwide?

The study was originally intended at developing a treatment for cannabis addiction, but the results evolved in a different and surprising way. The authors of the study conceive using pregenolone as a possible treatment for addiction, and the recent research on rats succeeded in identifying the auto-defense mechanism used by the brain to deal with an otherwise deadly cannabis overdose.


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  1. tell that to doctors who have had to put children on respirators due to overdose on edibles when children get a hold of them!


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