Oregon To Begin Recreational Sales Of Marijuana Edibles In June

by OPB | May 4, 2016 3:59 p.m.20160113_little_amsterdam_marijuana_jr_0089_odokme

Oregonians interested in purchasing marijuana edibles have to wait less than a month until they can get their fix. The Oregon Health Authority issued rules Wednesday for the sale of marijuana edibles under the state’s early recreational marijuana sales program.

Beginning June 2, 2016, adults 21 and older can purchase cannabis edibles from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries for recreational use. The rules follow the state Legislature’s passing of SB 1511 earlier this year which expanded the state’s early retail sales program to include the sale of edibles. Under the early retail sales program, OHA-licensed dispensaries can sell to recreational consumers until Jan. 1, 2017, when the Oregon Liquor Control Commission assumes full control of regulation of the state’s recreational marijuana industry.

Under the OHA rules presented Wednesday, dispensaries participating in this early sales program can begin selling the following:

  • One low-dose cannabinoid edible, containing no more than 15 mg of THC, to a retail customer per day
  • Non-psychoactive medical cannabinoid topicals which contain no more than 6 percent THC
  • One prefilled receptacle of a cannabinoid extract to a retail customer per day that does not contain more than 1,000 mg of THC
  • Currently, more than 300 medical dispensaries are participating in the state’s early recreational marijuana sales. The OLCC has yet to issue a license for a recreational marijuana dispensary. The agency said it plans to issue its first dispensary licenses in October. By Jan. 1, 2017, all recreational sales will have to take place at OLCC-licensed dispensaries.

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