Portland City Council to Discuss Firing Up Green Light District


As Amsterdam tries to cleanup its image by cracking down on its so-called “Red Light District,” Portland’s City Commissioner Dan Saltzman is looking to consolidate the city’s marijuana businesses into one dank “Green Light District.”

At some point today, the Portland city Council will investigate reducing the current restrictions on marijuana sales for the central downtown area – potentially lifting a 1,000-foot buffer between marijuana related businesses.

Portland’s Current Marijuana Businesses

Provided this measure passes, brick-and-mortar marijuana shops could end up in a not-so-straight-line, one next to another.

According to Commissioner Saltzman:

“Our downtown core is really the place where we encourage people to come, whether it be shopping, dining or tourists coming to town.”

Looking to concentrate all of the marijuana shops into one area (a.k.a. The Green Light District), Commissioner Saltzman cultivated the pro-pot business amendment. Believing the consolidation of all marijuana related businesses in the downtown area would attract tourists – similar to Amsterdam’s GLD.

Find Portland’s Best Marijuana Shops

While potentially convenient for Portland’s marijuana tourists, Saltzman hopes to keep marijuana related storefronts from spreading their roots into Portland neighborhoods.

Saltzman told the Willamette Week, “It’s not the same as the bar environment. It’s really just people coming to purchase the product”.

If passed, the Commissioner’s sweet new proposal for consolidating marijuana businesses into a single area could eliminate the heated debate over Portland’s plan to issue business licenses on a first-come, first serve basis.


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