UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Suspended 5-Years For Using Marijuana Legally

UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Suspended 5-Years For Using Marijuana Legally

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By T. Bud |  The Chill Bud
September 15, 2015 7:23 PM

UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Suspended 5 Years for Using Marijuana

It’s not much of a secret that Nick Diaz regularly smokes pot, he even has a medical marijuana license in California. However, after testing positive for cannabis use for the third time, he has been suspended from the UFC for 5 years.

The NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) prohibits athletes from using sedatives, muscle relaxants, sleep aids, opiates, cannabis, diuretics (to cut weight), stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine etc…), and steroid use. Each offense brings with it an increasingly harsh punishment in the form of suspension from the sport and a rather large fine.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Yes, performance enhancing drugs are a problem in professional sports and have been a problem for decades. Not a lot seems to be done about it in the vast majority of cases though. And who decided that cannabis is a performance ENHANCING drug?

Marijuana has been found to naturally relieve pain, inflammation and muscle tension. It is also infinitely safer than any over the counter pain reliever (aspirin / Tylenol etc…).

Diaz Protests the NSAC’s Decision to Suspend Him

Nick Diaz was understandably upset with the NSAC’s decision to suspend him from fighting for the next 5-years. ESPN’s Brett Okamoto quickly published a video of Diaz speaking out against the unequal punishments handed down by the NSAC. Diaz brings attention to the enormous problem of steroid use in the UFC, “I never did steroids in my life. That’s another thing I’ll tell you right now. I know all the fighters, and they are all on steroids. All you motherf***ers on steroids,” said Diaz.

It’s about time professional sports leagues re-examine their rules and regulations surrounding cannabis use. If a professional athlete like Nick Diaz decides to naturally manage their pain with marijuana, that should be their decision.

T. Bud is the founder of The Chill Bud. A cannabis based website helping raise awareness around the many benefits of medical marijuana and the insanity surrounding the war on weed.