The Scientist

It dives into his early days as a child of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, his immigration to Israel, and his career as the chief investigator into the chemistry and biology of the world’s most misunderstood plant: Cannabis Sativa L.

It tells stories such as the professors bus ride, on which he carried 5 kilos of Lebanese hashish in a plastic bag back in 1964, so he could test it at his laboratory at the Weitzmann Institute in Rehovot. At that very moment, he didn’t know that this ride would turn out to be a fateful one, as Mechoulam used his haul to discover the psychoactive component in Cannabis, THC. He and his team of researchers are responsible for isolating and synthesizing the THC molecule in 1964. During his studies, he ascertained that THC interacts with the largest receptor system in the human body, the endocannabinoid system.

About Fundación CANNA

The Scientist was produced in association with Fundación CANNA, a non-profit research foundation focusing on the study of Cannabis and its compounds.

Documentarian Zach Klein first met Professor Mechoulam when researching the ways Cannabis reduces the symptoms of chemotherapy that his mother was experiencing while being treated for breast cancer. That led to his first documentary, Prescribed Grass, which aired on Israeli television in 2009, and prompted health officials in the country to launch what is the world’s largest state-sponsored medical marijuana program today.

SensiBilisation featuring Prof. Mechoulam

The Sensi Seeds team had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Prof. Mechoulam at the 2014 UFCM iCare symposium in Strasbourg, and dedicated a whole chapter of SensiBilisation to him, which readers can view at our video section of the Sensi Seeds blog.

Stefanie has been studying the uses of medicinal cannabis since 2010. She publishes articles and news with the goal of educating others about cannabis.