Here’s The Video Seattle Hempfest Doesn’t Want You To See

Here’s The Video Seattle Hempfest Doesn’t Want You To See.

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Here, from Seattle Hempfest Vice President John Davis, is a smug little celebration of SB 5052 and I-502, which together are ending medical marijuana as we’ve known it in Washington since passage of voter initiative I-692 legalized medicinal cannabis in 1998.


This is the video that Davis really doesn’t want you to see. One must assume that for “some reason” he isn’t particularly proud of his support for this legislation?

Why on earth would Davis — who at least once a year, pretends to be an activist onstage at Hempfest — be happyabout the end of safe access for patients? After all, he owns a dispensary himself.

Well, ol’ John is happy in this footage from May because he has financial ties to recreational marijuana businesses… you see, he’s going to be doing just fine after patients can no longer find the medications they need, because their favorite access points have been shut down under SB 5052. (It’s faintly hilarious that Davis is “executive director” of something called the “Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics,” the CCSE, but mostly just sad. That may well be the closest encounter with “ethics” the man ever had.)

Yep, John will be sitting pretty, selling $20 grams of flower and $70 grams of butane hash oil, as if seriously ill patients could afford those prices. Obviously the target market at those price points is the affluent segment, the young urban professionals who voted “Yes” on “legalization” without reading the fine print.

And even if patients somehow come up with the cash to afford recreational 502 store prices, they will no longer be allowed to discuss their medical conditions, or ask how the cannabis products available might help them. Nope, that isn’t allowed in recreational 502 stores — which are, remember, replacing medical marijuana dispensaries as of July 2016! Woo hoo! Legalization!



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