Book Review: The Marijuana Chef Cookbook

Book Review: The Marijuana Chef Cookbook

By Natalie Nuggs |  The Daily Chronic
August 1, 2015 1:28 PM

Cooking with cannabis doesn’t have to be difficult, and I recently found a cookbook that makes it easy.

The Marijuana Chef CookbookThe Marijuana Chef Cookbook is the perfect tool for the everyday at-home stoner chef.  With over 50 easy recipes, it has something for everyone, from medicated drink recipes (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to desserts.

Most of the recipes in the book can easily be made vegan or vegetarian, and there’s even an entire chapter of vegetarian recipes too.

This cookbook provides several methods of extracting THC from cannabis, so whether you’re making a medicated Turkey Pot Pie or Peanut Budder Cups, you have an arsenal of pot possibilities to infuse food.

Bursting with full-color photos, this comprehensive cannabis cookbook is perfect for stoners of any culinary skill level.

Best of all, it educates the consumer about responsible edible use in everyday life, such as how marijuana gets absorbed into the bloodstream by cooking it and how to detox before a drug test.

With so many easy to follow recipes, The Marijuana Chef Cookbook by S.T. Oner is a bargain at only $15 and sells for even less on Amazon.