Dab Wizards Happy House and Trees

Shouts out to the Dab Wizards crew who had some fun playing with their errl. This little house and tree setup is totally boss. This looks like it took just the right amount of time. Some errl sculptures are so involved you wonder when the artist had time to dab.

Typically, I share a direct link to Instafires. However, this account seems to be gone. I hope it’s not another casualty of 5052. 😦

It should go without saying—but I will say it anyway—arts and crafts like this start with killer meds. You couldn’t even begin to imagine shaping bunk shatter. You should not be dabbin’ it either.

From the walkway to the snowman, I see super stable shatter that will let you do whatever you want with it. Furthermore, it will let you do so at room temperature. Temperature has a lot to say about stability. If you’re stable in heat, it was done right. You gotta love those frosty trees too! Is it xmas already?

Floyd Murray